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Profession: Attorney
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation

In his 45-year career as a divorce lawyer, Bruce Louden has devoted some 40 of those years to being a pioneer in a non-adversarial approach to divorce. He has done so with the belief that it simply did not make human sense for two people who loved each other, had been married for five or 15 or 50 years, especially when they had children, to end their marriage in a battle in court.

Bruce came to divorce law (also known as matrimonial or family law) in the 1970s after having been lead defense counsel in a major antitrust case in the federal court in Connecticut. With a deep desire to work on legal matters directly affecting human beings, Bruce left his general practice firm in 1981 to form the first firm in Connecticut to limit its practice to matrimonial law.

Bruce started doing divorce mediation in 1981, and over the past 40 years has mediated cases at all levels—from complex cases involving business executives, lawyers, physicians and judges, to not so complex cases involving people in the small business, non-profit and clergy worlds.

Bruce has spoken and written widely on his approach to divorce, in Connecticut and nationally. He was on one of the first national programs on mediation in 1983, and on similar programs at national conferences in the 1990s.

One of Bruce's goals has been to have his mediation clients be better friends at the end of the divorce process than they were at the beginning. Clients have stated that they have had a better relationship during the divorce case itself than they had had in many years prior to the commencement of a legal action.

Bruce has been honored since 1986 as one of the top matrimonial lawyers in the country. His professional life culminated in 2021 with his receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Connecticut Law Tribune based on his contributions to non-adversarial divorce and his impact on the legal profession in Connecticut.


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