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Are you a professional interested in helping individuals navigate using an alternative approach to divorce other than the traditional adversarial, court centered litigation? We invite you to become a member of a group of likeminded professionals. We welcome you to the benefits of membership including access to training and seminars, sharing resources, and developing [practice] groups.


CCND Ethics

All members of CCND ascribe to the Standards and Ethics created by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, and CCND’s Standards on Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law. In addition, all CCND members are subject to the legal and ethical standards of their distinct profession (legal, mental health and financial professionals).

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Ethics / Best Practices

CCND Standards on Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

  1. The Core Activities of Mediation
  2. Drafting Agreements
  3. Providing Legal Information, Evaluation, and Advice
  4. Recommending Independent Legal Advice
  5. Preparing Court Forms
  6. Finalizing Agreements, Accompanying Clients to Court
  7. Written Agreements: Specifying the Services that the Mediator Will Provide

Academy of Professional Family Meditators Standards of Practice for Professional Family Mediators

The professional practice of Family Mediation draws practitioners from other fields such as mental health, business, law, education, and other existing professions, but is a unique and separate profession. These Standards are meant to serve as a foundation for defining the Professional Practice of Family Mediation. High-quality services are expected and covered by these standards, regardless of whether or not a fee is received.


CCND Best Practices for Review/Consulting Counsel in Meditations + CCND Best Practice for Drafting Counsel in Meditation

Review/Consulting Counsel in Mediations
The role of “review” or “consulting” counsel in a divorce mediation is an integral part of the facilitative divorce mediation model. The role is often critical for educating parties about judicial norms and shaping realistic expectations as well as fostering confidence so that parties can participate more effectively in mediation sessions.

Drafting Counsel in Mediations
Mental health professionals and financial professionals should not draft divorce contracts. Statutes, case law and the rules of professional conduct in CT are clear that such a practice is the unauthorized practice of law with very serious consequences.


Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation

These Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation (“Model Standards”) aim to perform three major functions:

  1. to serve as a guide for the conduct of family mediators;
  2. to inform the mediating participants of what they can expect; and
  3. to promote public confidence in mediation as a process for resolving family disputes.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Luise-Champagne, Shelton

Vice President
Michael Conway, Waterbury

Sophie Helenek, Essex

Michelle Adelman, Fairfield

Past President
Doug Fishman, West Hartford


Executive Committee

Kathryn Bissonnette, Glastonbury

Abby Cole, Glastonbury

Beth Karassik, Cheshire


Board Members

Jill Bicks, Westport

Susan Busby, West Hartford

Eva DeFranco, Danbury

Rosemarie Ferrante, Danbury

Susan Geenty, Middletown

Brendan Holt, Woodbridge

Robert Horwitz, New Haven

Carolyn Kaas, Hamden

Brenda Larkin, West Hartford

Deborah Noonan, Norwalk

Louise Zito, New Haven


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Are you a professional interested in membership?

All CCND members have met rigorous standards for training in mediation and collaborative divorce. They all ascribe to CCND’s Code of Ethics, and conduct their practices at the highest level of professionalism and integrity. If you are a divorce professional who is committed to ensuring that families moves through the divorce process with respect and dignity, learn more about joining here.


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