The Howard Krieger Beacon Lifetime Achievement Award

“Be a Beacon”

The CCND Lifetime Achievement Award was established to honor those who have made a lasting and notable commitment to the advancement of Non-Adversarial divorce, the protection and integrity of children and families during divorce and service to the cause. In 2019, CCND proudly renamed the award the Howard Krieger Beacon Lifetime Achievement Award, as our beloved friend and colleague embodied these values in his practice and in his life.

Howard Krieger Beacon
As a clinical psychologist, Howard spent 40 years passionately helping families in crisis- it was his true calling and, other than his family, what brought him the most joy in life. As any of his patients and friends can attest, he had a unique ability to fully devote himself to others, immerse himself in their problems and offer seemingly perfect advice. Sidney Horowitz, a long time friend of Howard shared, “Dr. Krieger… [had a] steadfast dedication to the best interests of children. He has evidenced this drive, this passion, in those clinical and legal matters regarding sexually, physically and emotionally abused and neglected children. Over time, this “protection” of children’s rights morphed, understandably, to the “at risk” children caught in the emotional tsunami of their parent’s divorce process. He performed custody evaluations to assist counsel – and the courts – in determining best outcomes for children navigating their way through this process. Howie has shared his energies serving on the Board of the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce and has co-taught the 40 hour mediation programs for a number of years. He has shared his clinical knowledge with attorneys and mental health professionals at this Law school’s sponsorship of the Guardian ad Litem training programs.
“Howard Krieger exemplified the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam; that is, he performs acts of kindness that assist in making the world to be a better place. He does this with little fanfare, quick witted humor and great tenacity.”
Sidney Horowitz, PhD

Louise R. Zito, 2021 Recipient of the Howard Krieger Beacon Lifetime Achievement Award

Louise R Zito
With an unwavering commitment to the advancement of non-adversarial divorce and the protection and integrity of children and families during difficult times, Louise R. Zito is a trailblazer in the field of family law. For over 35 years, she has tirelessly dedicated her expertise as a collaborative attorney, mediator, trainer, and divorce consultant, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless families.

Louise’s passion for promoting peaceful and constructive divorce practices extends beyond her legal practice. As a partner and co-founder of the CT Family Mediation Training Group, she has played a pivotal role in empowering other professionals with the necessary skills to mediate and guide families toward amicable solutions. Her dedication to nurturing the next generation of mediators has enriched the community with a more empathetic and compassionate approach to family dispute resolution.

Louise’s commitment to promoting non-adversarial divorce practices has been further demonstrated through her involvement with the Connecticut Council for Non-adversarial Divorce (CCND). As Past President and long time Board member, she has been a driving force behind the organization’s mission to create a more empathetic and cooperative legal landscape for families.

Beyond her numerous accomplishments, Louise is an APFM-Certified Advanced Practitioner and a proud member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). Her certifications and affiliations exemplify her unyielding dedication to staying at the forefront of her field, continually expanding her expertise, and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Thank you, Louise, for your tireless pursuit of a kinder, more compassionate, and effective approach to family law.

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Barbara Stark

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