Protect Your Dignity and Privacy

The CCND Advantage.

Maximize Control Over Your Divorce and Your Future

The CCND Advantage.

Save Time, Money, and Emotional Resources

The CCND Advantage.

You Decide What is Best for
Your Children

The CCND Advantage.

Compassionate and Specially Trained Professionals

The CCND Advantage.

Are you looking for collaborative divorce options?

A CCND Special Event – Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D.

December 7 • 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Internationally renowned negotiation expert Dr. Daniel Shapiro will present a powerful, proven framework he co-developed to address the emotional dimensions of negotiation and mediation, and difficult conversations of all kinds.  He will share concrete tools and tips that you can apply right away to enhance your effectiveness and reach greater levels of success, individually and as a team.  Click here for more information.

For Professionals

Are you a professional interested in helping individuals navigate using an alternative approach to divorce other than the traditional adversarial, court centered litigation?

For the Public

If you are divorcing or separating, we are a multi-faceted resource for you to learn about your options.

What is Non-Adversarial Divorce?

Managing Your Divorce Through Collaboration

You and your spouse can successfully end your marriage without litigation if you have the same goal in mind: divorcing without further emotional and financial damage, and staying out of the courtroom. Non-adversarial divorce includes the Collaborative Process and Mediation, both of which are designed to keep you out of court. Our members are trained to focus you and your spouse on the issues. Click here for a list of our trained divorce professionals.

  • Protect Your Dignity

    Eliminate further damage and upsets with a collaborative divorce.

  • Maximize Control

    You can be in control of the divorce process along with a CCND professional.

  • Optimize Efficiency

    By staying out of the courtroom, you save a good deal of time and effort.

  • Reach Agreements

    You and your spouse are able to come to mutually beneficial agreements.

Professional Development & Membership

The CCND Advantage for Professionals

All CCND members have met rigorous standards for training in mediation and collaborative divorce. They all ascribe to CCND’s Code of Ethics, and conduct their practices at the highest level of professionalism and integrity. If you are a divorce professional who is committed to ensuring that families moves through the divorce process with respect and dignity, click here.

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