CCND is Making a Difference!

CCND is Making a Difference!

Thanks to the work of the Task Force on Reimagining Family Dispute Resolution, a joint effort of CCND and the Quinnipiac Center of Dispute Resolution, non-adversarial divorce processes are finally featured on Connecticut’s judicial website!

“Frequently asked questions” on private mediation and the collaborative process have been posted and can be seen on the family matters frequently asked questions page (Family Matters FAQs – CT Judicial Branch). There is also a link to these questions on the Divorce, Custody and Visitation ( page. 

Additionally, CCND Members are featured on Calendar Call, the Judicial Branch podcast hosted by Statewide Bar Counsel Michael Bowler.

In a two-part series on the Collaborative Divorce Process, Attorney Eva DeFranco and Dr. Elizabeth Thayer discuss the collaborative divorce process, how divorcing parties start the process and what kind of divorcing couples are a good fit for collaborative divorce. They also define the members of the team and what is involved in a six-way meeting. Lastly, they discuss benefits to virtual meetings and how collaborative divorce compares to other methods of divorce in terms of time and money.

In a two-part series on Divorce Mediation, Attorneys Deborah Noonan and Frances Calafiore discuss mediation training for attorneys and what makes a good mediator, as well as the divorce mediation process. They discuss what makes a successful mediation, weigh in on consulting counsel, and talk about the screening process to start a couple down the path of mediation.

Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

In 2001, the Board of Directors of the The Connecticut Counsel for Non-Adversarial Divorce Revised and Readopted Standards in response to growing concerns regarding Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Connecticut. In 2018 the Standards were Revised.  For more information about mediation and the unauthorized practice of law in Connecticut, follow this link:

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Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

What are people saying about our workshops?

“Interesting, educational, informative”

“Fabulous talk”

“Fantastic Speaker. He was organized, presented well, and offered many sources.”

“Very engaging.”

“He is a unique treasure.”

“Fantastic presence, excellent presentation.”

“It was the best presentation I’ve been to in years.”

“Interesting, useful, relevant and informative.”

“This was an extraordinary demonstration of the knowledge, skills and benefits of actually engaging in mediation practice.

“Thank you for bringing Ken’s workshop to CT. I am grateful for the presentation and Ken’s efforts!”

“Awesome training. Thank you.”

“Loved it!”

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CCND 2016 Annual Meeting

CCND 2016 Annual Meeting

Louise Zito was honored for her years of service as President of CCND, and joining her, in being honored that evening, Lisa Gresham was honored for her extraordinary dedication to CCND.