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Profession: Attorney
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation

I am an attorney who has concentrated his practice in divorce and family matters for over ten years, primarily in Fairfield County in the greater Danbury area and in NY in the White Plains area. As a practitioner who has conducted numerous litigated trials and matters, I have become sympathetic to the trauma and pain which adversarial proceedings inflict upon parties and their children. I have completed the CCND mediation training and joined CCND in an effort to provide an opportunity to many clients to resolve their divorce in a manner that is mutual, respectful, and non-adversarial through the promise of mediation. In my spare time, I am a musician, and love the release that playing and listening to music provides outside of the office. My avocation also informs my family practice, as my musical training has helped me to become an empathetic listener for clients and as a collaborative professional who understands it is often best to create harmony through team work and ensemble, rather than discord through conflict and dissonance.


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