Kelley Hopkins-Alvarez, LPC, CST, BCC
Kelly Hopkins-Alvarez
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Profession: Mental Health Professional
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation | Collaborative Divorce

I empower clients that I work with to take hold of their own separation and/or divorce; so that it remains non-adversarial and protective of their emotional and physical health, and that of any children. I have helped partners compromise and come “back to the table” when things have come to a halt in their mediation and/or collaborative divorce.

One example would be scheduling sessions to discuss sticking points on a parenting plan. Another example would be your mediator and/or collaborative divorce attorney recommends that you and your co-parent attend sessions with me in an effort to compromise on disagreements in regard to Co-Parenting. Clients can learn a great deal in our sessions that they can apply going forward together as co-parents and eventually, co-grandparents. Divorcing partners report that when they continually work on lowering their own reactivity by not blaming; they feel more grounded in this process. Continuing to try and reduce your reactivity (e.g. anger) toward your partner is a form of self-care. I help clients to incorporate short mindful tools to help the calm their central nervous system to be able to better cope during this time. I have completed mindfulness training with Pema Chodron and Drs. Kristen Kneff & Chris Germer.

Some of my clients are considering what path they will take in terms of the relationship, while others are contacting me because they have already decided to separate or divorce. I help them look at their relationship and discern what the right direction is for them. My office is a judgement-free zone and a safe space to discuss any relationship, religious and/or cultural belief, gender, and all forms sexuality. You are also entitled to have a mental health professional (like myself) collaborate with your mediator and/or join you in your collaborative divorce meetings. I am part of an ever-growing movement of professionals to help partners mindfully and consciously contemplate and/or take steps to separate and/or divorce.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in Co-Parenting, Discernment Counseling, Healing Separation, Divorce Support, Divorce Recovery, Individual Therapy, and Couples and Sex Therapy. Note: Your Divorce Support sessions are not Couples Therapy.

I help my clients who are considering divorce by structuring our sessions to keep the priority on making decisions and compromises. My clients often reduce their legal fees as a result of our sessions; as they are better able to present their questions and/or requests to their other advisors with clarity and are less reactive toward their divorcing partner. In addition, the emotional and physical toll is reduced because disagreement and stonewalling are worked through in our sessions.

Partners quite often bring the content of our discussions and/or agreements from our sessions to their supportive divorce professionals: legal, financial, mental health, real estate, etc., which results in a more organized and cost-effective process overall; as well as protecting their health, and those of any children, from stress-induced illnesses. With many divorcing partners, there is just one asking for the divorce, so it can be very difficult for another partner to offer kindness and respect. This is precisely why it is essential to come in for divorce support sessions, so you can be supported in continuing to redirect your own precious resources toward compromise and positive communication, instead of punishment and pain.

Co-Parenting is part of our Divorce Support sessions. We work on specific strategies and tools to improve Co-parenting communication and agreements. It is important for divorcing partners to minimize any possible emotional trauma for any child involved, including adult children, as well as themselves. If you have children, my training and certifications, as a former teacher and school counselor, and current licensed professional counselor, will provide the professional assistance of how to support the emotional, physical, and educational needs of the children. Previously, I have worked as a Youth and Family Counselor at Danbury Youth Services, Danbury, CT. I also have two Masters' degrees; one in Counseling and the other in Education. Note: Co-parenting support is not Couples Therapy! I have co-facilitated trainings for Second Saturday Divorce Group, along with mediation/collaboration divorce and financial professionals. I have attended the Mediation 40-hour course from CCND as well as Collaborative Divorce Training. In addition, I have attended the Alternative Dispute Resolutions for Family Law at Quinnipiac University and Family Services in The Courts: A Focus on Custody/Access training by the Connecticut Counseling Association. I have presented on topics regarding relationship and mental health issues to licensed mental health providers for the Connecticut Counseling Association and at various universities to undergraduate and graduate students. I have also co-curated the “Preventing Lethal Violence in Schools” conference at Post University; which brought mental health, education and law enforcement together. In addition, I serve as a member of the Legislative Committee for the Connecticut Counseling Association; where I provide testimony for issues relevant to patients and Licensed Professional Counselors in the State of Connecticut. I have also been certified as an ASSECT Sex Therapist and have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Couples Therapy Models. My approach is from a positive psychology mindset; where the belief is, that you can change only your own thinking and behaviors through mindfulness, compassion, and wellness.

I work with adults only; if you need referrals for your children and/or for family therapy, please consult with me for referrals. I do not provide court mandated co-parenting and/or other services; as all clients that I work with are voluntarily coming in for our sessions.</p>


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