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Phone: 2035226292
Profession: Mental Health Professional
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation
Collaborative Practice Group: Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group (CCDG)

For close to two decades, I have applied my combined training in psychology and coaching to help my clients gain a new perspective​ on approaching life’s challenges, personal and professional. It doesn’t matter what your reasons and circumstances are; any​ transition​, big or small, can feel like a challenging time – the difference between failure and success is how you choose to use that time. I have trained as a Mediator and as a Collaborative Divorce Coach, and work alongside talented family law attorneys. The foundational principles of collaboration are a win/win vs. an adversarial approach, a client-driven vs. attorney-driven process, transparency, child-focus, attention to the emotional needs of all concerned, and staying out of court whenever possible. I ​have ​chosen to dedicate time to understanding what makes us tick and how to empower and support others to be the very best version of themselves, wherever they find themselves, whatever their background and whatever the situation.


Easton, CT, USA