Divorce with Respect Week

A Week of Education and Support for Those Contemplating Divorce in Connecticut

September 12 - 16, 2022

Recorded Events

Kick off! Divorce with Respect week began with CCND President Jennifer Luise Champagne and CCND Board Member Deborah Noonan join Susan Guthrie, former CT attorney and host of the well-known Divorce and Beyond podcast to discuss what it means to divorce respectfully, how CCND and its members are committed to non-adversarial divorce and an overview of the week’s event.

Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group (CCDG) Zoom Webinar

During this information session, participants will have had the opportunity to hear about the collaborative process and ask questions of the professionals. Presenters: Yvonne Shoff, Katie Bissonnette, Traci Cipriano, Elaine Ducharme, and Brenda Larkin.

Collaborative Divorce of CT (CDCT) Comcast Live

This discussion focuses on college education and how it can be best addressed within the collaborative process. Presenters: Bob Opotzner, Sophie Koven, Vicki Volper, and Patricia Carrera.

Divorce Solutions of Connecticut (DSC) “Talk with the Team” Webinar

In this 30-minute webinar, a team of professionals explains how the collaborative divorce process works, their respective roles in the process, and what is expected of the client participants to make the process successful. Questions will be viewed live and answered, time permitting. Presenters: Brendan Holt, Lynn Pelligrino, Lisa Gresham and Traci Cipriano.

Comcast Live

The Role of the Financial Neutral in Non-Adversarial Divorce Processes: During this presentation, the discussion will focus on how a financial professional can assist in non-adversarial divorce processes. Presenters: Rosemarie Ferrante, Mark Soboslai, Traci Provost, and Hollis Hardiman.

CDPFC Presents

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Fairfield County (CDPFC) hosted a panel presentation, “Divorce with Respect: A Team Approach to Support You and Your Family” live (Southport Congregational Church, 524 Pequot Avenue, Southport). Presenters are Jill Bicks, Brendan Holt, Michelle Adelman, Traci Provost and Mark Soboslai.

Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group (CCDG) Zoom Webinar

During this info session the audience had the opportunity to hear about the collaborative process and ask questions of the professionals. Presenters: Donna Buttler, Bob Fried, Laura Renfro, and Sophie Helenek.

Respectful and Successful parenting through Mediation (Comcast Live)

In this presentation, CCND members discuss parenting plans and how to respectfully come to agreements that serve the best interests of the children. Presenters: Rosemarie Ferrante, Louise Zito, Nicole Bikakis, Beth Karassik.

Vicki Volper & Kelley Hopkins Alvarez spoke to Lisa Wexler on The Lisa Wexler Show. Vicki & Kelley discussed Divorce with Respect week and CCND offerings, as well as the difference between mediation and collaborative divorce and how to choose the right process for your family.

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