Susan L. Jacobs

Susan L. Jacobs LLC

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Phone: 203 772 6680
Fax: 203 772 2994
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129 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT, USA

Profession: Attorney
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation, Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Practice Group: DSC

Susan is a seasoned practitioner who has chosen to devote her experience and knowledge to mediated and collaborative resolution of family matters. She has been an active Board Member of CCND, is former Co-President of Divorce Solutions of Connecticut, a Collaborative Practice Group, serves as a Special Master in New Haven Family Court, and was a panelist on Best Practices and Ethical Standards at CCND's 2017 Annual Meeting. Susan has been elected to two Boards of Education and to the Board of Selectmen in her community. She has been appointed to the Board of Finance and has chaired or acted as liaison to numerous standing and ad hoc committees and commissions, covering a wide range of issues and challenges. Susan is also active in community theater.