Louise Zito

Biller, Sachs, Zito & LeMoult

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Email: lzito@bszllaw.com
Phone: 203-281-1717
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2750 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT, USA

Secondary Address:
211 Montowese Street, Branford, CT 06405
Profession: Attorney
Non-Adversarial Divorce Services: Mediation, Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Practice Group: CDTC

I represent individuals in all family law matters through collaboration, mediation and co-mediation. I am committed to helping individuals divorce in a peaceful, respectful manner; allowing them to maintain stable relationships and to successfully co-parent after their divorce. Using advocacy, not adversity, I assist clients through pre-nuptial, divorce and post-nuptial matters. Whether a support issue, division of business interest or parenting need, I am a passionate advocate for my clients and believe deeply in interdisciplinary approaches such as collaborative divorce and co-mediation I created the Divorce, Mediation and Collaborative Center to address your family’s unique needs: divorce, parenting, pre and post nuptial agreements, marital mediation, elder care issues or family disputes. I understand that "one size does not fit all" and I work with professionals from all areas to address and build a team that is right for you. My collaborative and mediation divorce practice is designed for those individuals who cannot afford to take endless hours from their business or employment, want to avoid costly legal battles and have a desire for privacy. At the Center I provide a safe environment where two people can speak openly about their interests and concerns without fear of reprisals and recrimination. It is often difficult to envision life after divorce. It is essential that you choose a process that enables you to identify your interests, meet your objectives and move forward with the tools you need to redefine your family and build a new life. I have been helping individuals and couples realize their objectives for more than thirty years. I have the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you identify the process that is best for you and take you through that process to your post dissolution life.